Monday, March 12, 2012

The Duke meets The Duchess

                                               "The Duke"

This is a love story of how The Duke and The Duchess met one another.
The Duchess a high class society woman new to the area and recently widowed was at the event of the year with her ladies in waiting in tow. It didn't take long before The Duke spotted The Duchess in the rose garden 
She was looking radiant, and The Duke could not allow this perfect moment to pass him by. The woman of his dreams was right before his eyes..He ran from the study where he had been smoking cigars with the foreign leaders and rulers . The Duchess was enjoying the garden when she went to round the corner into the great lawn she bumped into the most handsome man she had ever seen... The Duke

He was so regal and handsome she could barely take her eyes off of him,after she realized she had been staring she started to drop her eyes to the ground. The Duke was quick to catch her chin before she could    and he tilted her chin back up to meet his eyes... It was love at first sight . The two stood in complete silence for what seemed like eternity  and before they could even exchange names they were locked in true loves first kiss.  It wasn't even hours later and the two were exchanging wedding vows and beginning a new life together.
And the happy couple lived happily ever after

The Duke and The Duchess have been SOLD 


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