Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I've got two more Christmas ornaments finished.
I love the hand beaded wings, but man do they take forever!!

(close up view) excuse the little piece of fuzz on the left wing , I didn't check for fuzz before I photographed....opps!

I tried something new with these wings, I call them the pompom wings.
I was going to try to bead them, but the material I used unraveled too much and caused 
so many strings that the beads and thread got caught up in .. so I decided no beads for this one. 

I tried tea staining the wings, but only the tips of the material took to the effect ... not sure why,but must be the type of material it is.

Well I am headed back into the studio for the day,I can't play too long in there as I have to make homemade lollipops today.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I spent most of yesterday working on this beauty. 90% of my day was spent hand sewing all those tiny blue beads onto the took me four hours!! But well worth it if you ask me!! I am working on more and will post them as I finish them.