Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Faith and hope

I made it to the art studio today, but once I got in there and settled in to work..I didn't have anything to give. I was not feeling creative, I was not feeling anything at all! What a bummer ,after taking a break from the studio for this long I thought I'd been rearing and ready to create.. I decided I'd get online and search for some inspiration and thought maybe it would help.. But it didn't, which is not surprising .. since looking at other artists' work does not inspire me . I prefer to work from my imagination and my own outlets rather then coping someone else's work . I did decide that maybe I need to take a break from creating the bottle assemblage art I've been creating for some time now and maybe try something different.    I left the art studio, and did a few things around the house ,ate lunch and went for a walk..then came home and headed back into the studio and tinkered around with a few pieces of art ..that were works in progress... also known as .. art I abandoned because I couldn't figure out where it was heading!

Well here's what I got done.
This beautiful angel is titled "Faith"

These three pieces are not titled just yet, but I thought I'd share anyway. I take that back my youngest just named one of the pieces... The large one with the 3 on it..is titled  :"The magic number"


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